About Anke

Multi-skilled, multilingual BBC-trained P/D with 15 years' experience of making Specialist Factual, Current Affairs and Arts programmes for BBC, C4, PBS, Discovery and Arte. Recent multi-camera drama training.

Passionate about visually appealing and inventive story-telling based on in-depth research and journalistic rigour.

Often brought in at short notice. Unfazed by complexity, excellent team player and problem-solver on fast-turnarounds. Efficient and experienced in handling budgets of £100,000+. Can also make a micro-budget go a long way, especially on Drama Reconstruction.

Highly technically literate with professional camera operation and editing skills. Experienced in directing single- and multi-camera, sound recordists and working with craft editors.

Linguistic skills from German to Zulu, a background in African Politics, and a lifetime of multi-cultural experience to any project, whether in Development or Production.